Life as it is

I’ve just been wondering about the meaning of life and the continual search and happiness. After years of deliberating on the issue I’ve come to the humble realisation that it’s neither there or here but it’s always been with me all along just waiting for me to stop searching and appreciate  what   I have. It was when i looked inward that i realised that happiness is not to be a quest, because if it’s like that it will be hard to get there. The goal post will always shift just like i money it never is enough.

It’s quite strange and ironic that when we suffer a loss, it is then that we realise how much we had and never took the time to appreciate because we were busy searching for more. MORE is a dangerous  adjective. It’s an illusion because it doesn’t have an end nor does it have a scale where you can weigh more and then say yes! It’s enough. As we start the new year my GOAL is to kick the word MORE from my vocabulary and focus on the things that around me that enrich my life.